GNSS/GPS interference

Over the last three months the vulnerability of the GNSS/GPS system has been increasingly discussed within the aviation, maritime and space communities.

The United States have halted the dismantling of the LORAN network of transmitters as they realise that a backup for the GPS system is required. Read More

Direct-Track has entered into discussions with Chronos Technologies exploring the capabilities of their Sentinal and GAARDIAN GPS RFI Detection and Location Capabilities. In association with Chronos, Direct-Track has been monitoring and analyzing data recieved from a GPS detection sensor installed at Southampton Airport adjacent to the M27 motorway.  The initial indications are that there is a significant amount of jamming activity generated from passing traffic on the motorway.  This activity could have a direct impact on the aircraft relying on GPS information who are operating in and around the airport. 

Representitives of Direct-Track will soon engage in a week long, open air, GPS jamming trial in North America.  This work will involve assessing various off the shelf jamming detection and location equipment.