Our Work

A selection of projects Direct-Track Consulting has participated in.

*Monitoring and analysis of GPS Interference at a Regional Airport in the UK.  Click here to read more.

*Developing the Safety Case for an RNP Parallel Approach Transition procedure for runways less than 760 meters apart.

Click here to read more.

*Developing the Safety Case for a Dual Diagonal Approach Procedure for staggered runways while applying less than ICAO wake vortex spacing.  Challenging the currently published in trail spacing requirements to increase airport acceptance rates.  Click here to read more.

*Developed a feasibility study to use a remote location to act as the emergency main Control Tower for a busy International Airport.  Click here to read more.

*Developed and delivered specialist ATC training in Procedural Control to Ab-Initio students.  Click here to read more.