Remote tower feasibility

Direct-Track Consulting has been selected to provide operational expertise in the developing of a plan to establish a remote Visual Control Room at Dubai International Airport to act as a contingency facility.

The Remote Tower concept has been gaining credibility with the recent certification of the remote operation at Ornskoldsvik airport in Sweden.  

The technological advances in communications and visual sensors have led a number of jurisdictions into considering the options provided in these capabilities.

While some facilities have established remote operations on a portion of the airport, ie for areas of poor sight lines, Budapest has pushed back the boundary by actively working to provide the Aerodrome Control service in its entirety from a remote location.  The Control tower in Budapest is a relic from the Soviet Bloc era and is in need of complete replacement.  The option being considered is the complete operation of a busy, parallel runway airport from remote site.  Direct-Track provided support and first hand knowledge of the issues associated to remote operations.